Wind Clan is one of the four primary Elvin clans. The other primary clans are Stone, Fire, and Water.

During an aumani, a formal meeting of clans, the Wind Clan is symbolized by smoking incense and the color sapphire blue which may appear in part of the table setting, such as drinking glasses. Members of the Wind Clan may wear clothing in electric blue to signify their clan.

Sekasha of the Wind Clan are known for their playfulness and luck. They love to gamble in large cities. Wind Clan sekasha shield tattoos are in graded shades of blue varying from sky blue to indigo. Their wyvern armor is dark blue.

It is common for members of the Wind Clan to have black hair, pale skin, blue eyes, and be rather tall. Wind Clan magic is more offensive than defensive and relies heavily on lightning for attacks. They are skilled in air based scrys.

The current head of Wind Clan is Longwind, who is Windwolf's father. Windwolf is the head of the Wind Clan in the Westernlands, as well as Viceroy of the Westernlands. He has a palace in Aum Renau, which is several hundred miles away from Pittsburg, as well as a second palace being built right outside Pittsburg. Windwolf's household is expected to stay in Pittsburg for the next one hundred years.

Wind Clan was founded by Quick Blade, who was an illegitimate son of a member of the Skin Clan. Quick Blade was killed in the Oni War and the clan leadership passed to Howling. During the Oni War, Howling was instrumental in the overthrowing of the Skin Clan. When Howling was assassinated, the leadership of the clan passed to his son, Longwind. Longwind is married to Flame Heart, the third child and only daughter of the first elvin king Ashfall. This marriage was intended to strengthen the relationship between Wind Clan and the throne, and it is seen by both Wind and Fire Clans to be a resounding success. Longwind and Flame Heart together have ten children, half of which are in Wind Clan, and the other half are in Fire Clan.

Notable members of the Wind Clan include:

Longwind - Domana, Clan Head, father to Windwolf, and husband of Flame Heart

Windwolf - Domana, Clan Head in the Westernlands and Viceroy of the Westernlands

Tinker - Domana, Windwolf's human-born Domi, Holder of the Tengu, and Vicerine of the Westernlands

Howling - Domana, Second head of the Wind Clan, father to Longwind, deceased

Quick Blade - Domana, Founder of the Wind Clan, father to Howling, deceased

Storm Horse - Sekasha, Tinker's First, and Blade Brother to Windwolf

Wraith Arrow - Sekasha, Windwolf's First

Stormsong - Sekasha, member of Tinker's Hand, daughter of Pure Radiance

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