When it was discovered that the Oni are in the Westernlands, True Flame was sent by his sister, Queen Soulful Ember to investigate and assist Windwolf. He brought with him his wyverns and three Stone Clan domana: Forest Moss, Jewel Tear, and Earth Son.

Physical Description Edit

True Flame looks much like his sister: tall with radiant white skin, vivid blue eyes, and long bright gold hair which he wears in a sekasha-like braid. He has a deep voice with a hint of a rasp. Like Windwolf, his manner is blunt and to the point, while still keeping in mind proper protocol. He prefers to wear elvin fashions in gold and white.

Family Edit

True Flame's older sister is Soulful Ember who is the elvin queen. They were the children of Halo Dust. Halo Dust was the first son of Ashfall, the first elf king. Ashfall's second son married Diamond, who is now the leader of Stone Clan, and they had one child, Earth Son. Ashfall's third child and only daughter, Flame Heart, married Longwind, who is now the leader of Wind Clan, and together they had ten children, including Windwolf. This means that Earth Son and Windwolf (and Tinker by marriage) are True Flame's cousins. Windwolf and True Flame are very close friends in part of their bluntness with each other, however True Flame still sees Windwolf as barely more than a child.

True Flame's sister ascended to the throne when Halo Dust was assassinated.

History Edit

True Flame is much older than Windwolf, but they are very close friends. He never approved of Windwolf's relationship with Jewel Tear.