Tooloo is the source of information and disinformation of all things elven for Tinker until Tinker's transformation. She runs a store were she sells food, elvish goods, and translation services. She is very skittish and distrustful of the Domana caste and the Skin Clan.

Physical Description Edit

Many people believe Tooloo is a half-elf because she looks so old. She has silver hair that falls to her ankles which she sometimes braids. She prefers to wear elven clothing, but it is often shabby and worn. Her mannerisms are unorthodox by both human and elvish standards, and many people call her mad.

History Edit

Tooloo was stranded on Earth when the natural gates between Earth and Elfhome were deliberately collapsed. She managed to stay alive by sleeping in a bed made from dragon bones. The dragon bones retained enough magic to sustain her, but she did age very slowly. She became very depressed during the time she was stranded, occasionally not wanting to leave her bed for months at a time.

She lived in Ireland at one time and had a herd of Kerry cows. She also remembers living at time time of Queen Victoria.

Tooloo moved to Pittsburg sometime around the First Startup. After Tinker was born, she occasionally babysat her and later also Oilcan, teaching them languages and about all things elvish. Unfortunately, the things she taught were inconsistent and sometimes contradictory. On at least one occasion, she deliberately mislead Tinker. She taught Tinker and Oilcan about elven religion (which Tinker adopted), High and Low Tongue, and culture.

Most of the food in her store comes from her own farmyard which was once a public park and several buildings used as barns. She keeps cows, chickens, geese, doves, fish, bees, and an extensive garden. She lives in the back room of the store. Her home is all one room with no walls, but has changing in flooring to show where there would be different rooms. A ley line runs under her home.

About her own origins, parentage, birthday, or even favorite color, she is very private. When asked, she will refuse to answer or give false answers.

Tooloo mentioned that she hated Wizard of Oz after being forced to watch it every year for thirty years. Lain Skenske has also said that her sister, Esme Skenske, made the family watch the movie every year after Thanksgiving. This suggests that Tooloo lived in their home while they were growing up.