Lord Tomawaritomo was Windwolf's oni counterpart in the Westernlands. He arranged to have Tinker kidnapped by blackmailing Riki Shoji. He was skilled at casting illusions into other people's minds. Windwolf killed him in the fight after Tinker and Pony escaped from the oni compound.

Physical Description Edit

Tomtom was lean and extremely tall with very sharp cheekbones and chin. He had gold eyes with vertical slits and long white hair. His ears were white furred, pointed, and cupped forward like a cat's and he has a long white bushy tail. His fingers had 3 inch long retractable claws. His skin was covered with spell tattoos that absorb and were powered by the kinetic energy of attacks. He prefered to wear a brightly colored kimono and a white fur held in place by a jawbone of a large animal.

Family Edit

Tomtom was Tommy Chang's father.