Taji Chiyo is a kitsune beholden to Lord Tomtom. She worked undercover as Derek Maynard's secretary. Like all kitsune, she has the ability to read minds and project illusions into other people's heads. She maintained the illusion of Onihida while Tinker was forced to work on a gate between worlds.

Physical Description Edit

Chiyo is as beautiful as most elves with porcelain skin, symmetrical features, long red-gold hair and vivid reddish-brown eyes. She also has features common to kitsune: sharp canine teeth, furry dog ears, and a fox tail. She prefers to wear a kimono.

Family Edit

Chiyo's cousin was killed in a car accident the same Shutdown the Oni attempted to kill Windwolf with foo dogs.

As a punishment, Tomawaritomo had her bred with a warg. She subsequently became pregnant.