Stone Clan is one of the four primary elvin clans. The other primary clans are Wind, Fire, and Water.

During an aumani, a formal meeting of clans, the Stone Clan is symbolized by a polished pebble and and the color black which may appear in part of the table setting, such as ceramic place settings. Members of the Stone Clan will sometimes wear grey or black to signify their clan.

The sub-race known as Woodsprites were folded into the Stone Clan, so a common phenotype among Stone Clan members is dark skin, dark brown hair, dark eyes, and a very short stature. Also in part due to the Woodsprite heritage, Stone Clan is well known for their engineering. The magic of Stone Clan is heavily defensive with powerful earth-based scrys.

The current clan leader is Diamond. She married the middle child and younger son of Ashfall, the first elvin king in an attempt to strengthen ties between Stone Clan and the crown. This union has only resulted in one child, Earth Son. The Stone Clan considers this to be a failed venture, but others say they misunderstood the nature of the alliance.

Initially, the leader of the Stone Clan in the Westernlands was Earth Son, but when he was killed by his own First, the role of temporary clan head fell to Jewel Tear.

Tinker and Oilcan are descendants of Unbounded Brilliance, a Stone Clan Domana with Woodsprite heritage.

Notable members of the Stone Clan include:

Diamond - Domana, Clan Head, mother to Earth Son, and wife of Ashfall's second son

Earth Son - Domana, Clan Head in the Westernlands until his death, Cousin to Windwolf, deceaded

Jewel Tear - Domana, Temporary Clan Head in the Westernlands

Forest Moss - Domana, Living in Pittsburg, Maimed in an exploratory journey to Onihida

Thorne Scratch - Sekasha, killed her own Domana, Earth Son, when he would not recognize Tinker's beholden

Unbounded Brilliance - Domana, Tinker and Oilcan's ancestor elf stranded on Earth after the ways were collapsed

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