Sparrow was Windwolf's husepavua, which means "loaned voice" making her his deputy and representative in his absence. She betrayed the elves in assisting Tomawaritomo. After Tinker escaped the oni while they were coercing her to build a gate, Sparrow recaptured Tinker and arranged for Pony's capture as well. After they escaped a second time, Pony killed Sparrow.

Physical Description Edit

Sparrow was tall, lithe, and elegant. She wore her ankle length pale blond hair with ribbons and flowers worked into it. She had a blue dau which elevated her to the Domana Caste of the Wind Clan. She preferred to dress extravagantly, even by elf standards, and she always wore blue, despite that most domana do not advertise their clan.

History Edit

Sparrow was elevated to domana from kuetaun when Windwolf's father, Longwind gave her the dau.