Soulful Ember is Queen of the Elves and the third elvin ruler. Her home is in an area analogous to Europe on Earth. She visited Aum Renau in the Westernlands shortly after Tinker's transformation and brought the royal oracle, Pure Radiance, who revealed that Tinker is the pivot.

Physical Description Edit

She has radiant white skin, metallic gold hair, and intensely blue eyes. She wears a ruby circlet when in court.

Family Edit

Soulful Ember is the oldest child of Halo Dust, who was the second elf king. Halo Dust was the oldest child of Ashfall, the first elf king. Ashfall's second son married Diamond, who is now leader of Stone Clan, and their child was Earth Son. Ashfall's third child and only daughter, Flame Heart, married Longwind, who is now leader of Wind Clan, and together they had ten children, including Windwolf. This means that Earth Son and Windwolf (and Tinker by marriage) are her cousins. Her brother is Prince General True Flame.

History Edit

She ascended to the throne when Halo Dust was assassinated.