Riki Shoji is a tengu who was blackmailed into betraying Tinker to the Oni. He came to Pittsburg during the same shutdown in which Windwolf was attacked by foo dogs under the guise of completing his doctorate on the quantum nature of magic at the University of Pittsburg. Lain Skenske convinced Tinker to give Riki a job at her salvage yard. He rides a motorcycle. He finds solace and relaxation in heights and being in windy areas.

Physical Description Edit

Riki Shoji has a deep raspy voice. He is tall and has unruly black hair and a long sharp nose. His eyes are almond shaped and intensely blue, which he hides behind sunglasses to hide their inhuman appearance. He has only three toes on each foot which are long, thin, and prehensile. He prefers to wear a black leather motorcycle jacket and black leather pants. He has an elaborate spell tattooed in black onto his back from waist to shoulder. When he speaks the command word, the spell transforms into huge black crow wings. His mannerisms are vaguely birdlike.

Family Edit

Riki was hatched from an egg in Berkley, California. He is the nephew of Jin Wong. He introduced himself to Lain Skenske as the son of a fellow crew member from the same mission in which Lain was crippled. She also remembered him from the funeral - he was five years old at the time. Given that the tengu are long-lived on Earth, and therefore likely to be slow aging on Earth, it may have been a different tengu child that Lain remembers seeing at her crew member's funeral.

History Edit

He told Tinker he has a masters degree in quantum physics and seems to understand her calculations. He attended Caltech for graduate school prior to coming to Pittsburg. He is fluent in the Oni language