Galloping Storm Horse on Wind is First in Tinker's hand. His family calls him Little Horse, so Windwolf suggested that Tinker call him Pony. He is an extremely skilled fighter, despite his youth. Of Tinker's hand, he is considered to be the most skilled archer.

Physical Description Edit

Pony has long black hair which is usually in a braid and brown eyes so dark they were described by Tinker to be black as engine grease on their first meeting, which is notable since most Wind Clan members have blue eyes. The shape of his face is more like that of Stone Clan, from which his mother is descended. He has a very compact build, and he is stockier and sturdier than most elves. At six feet tall, he is shorter than a typical Wind Clan sekasha, and is shorter than all of the Wind Clan or Fire Clan sekasha in Pittsburg. Compared to Cloudwalker, he is half a head shorter, wider in the chest, and deeper in the shoulders. Like most sekasha he wears wyvern armor in Wind Clan dark blue, has protection spells tattooed into his arm that resemble celtic knots in graded shaded of cobalt, and wears dark blue spell beads in his hair.

Family Edit

Pony's family are sekasha directly beholden to Longwind, who is Windwolf's father, and serve in his Hands. They call him Little Horse. His mother, Otter Dance, is Stone Clan by birth, but now Wind Clan through being beholden to Longwind. Otter Dance's father is Tempered Steel, and her mother is Perfection, two of the most famous sekasha bloodlines.

History Edit

He spent most of his childhood in a large city in the Easternlands. When he was almost 100, the elvish age of majority, Pony became concerned about who he would serve, so Windwolf took him into his own household in the Westernlands even though he was not yet an adult. Windwolf was close to Pony as he grew up, and they consider each other blade brothers.

Pony first met Tinker shortly after Windwolf transformed her into an elf. At that time he did not speak Pitsupavute. By the time he met Tinker, he was already an experienced driver.

He offered to be Tinker's sekasha immediately before she went before the queen at Aum Renau, and she accepted although she did not understanding the meaning of the relationship at the time.