Otter Dance is one of Longwind's sekasha, serves in one of his Hands, and his favorite lover. She was born into Stone Clan, but is now Wind Clan though being beholden to Longwind. She loves to gamble and brawl.

Physical Description Edit

According to Stormsong, there is some physical resemblance between Otter Dance, Jewel Tear, and Tinker. This may be due to an ethnic similarity since they are all members or descendants of Stone Clan. She is very well liked by everyone, and her personality is similar to Tinker.

Family Edit

Her father is Tempered Steel, and her mother is Perfection, two of the most famous sekasha bloodlines. She and another of Longwind's sekasha's son is Pony, who is Tinker's First. She is Blade Mother to Windwolf.