Oni Edit

Chiyo, TajiEdit

Secretary to Derek Maynard. Actually a Kitsune working for Lord TomTom

Feng, Ambassador Edit

Ambassador from China, working for Yves Desmarais

Polanski, ChloeEdit

Television reporter, Oni greater blood (Skin Clan) disguised as human. She was an intanyai seyosa. Revealed in Wood Sprites as the half sister of Esme and Lain, and aunt to Tinker. Created by fusing two ovum from Esme and Lain's mother by the head of the Skin Clan. Possibly the "Inbreed" Chloe mentioned in "Wood Sprites"

Lord Tomtom (Tomawaritomo)Edit

Head of Oni forces in Pittsburg. Tommy Chang's father. Like Tommy, can cast illusions in people's minds, but to a greater extent. Known to be cruel and ruthless.

Kajo (Yutakajodo)Edit

Oni Greater Blood (Skin Clan). Leader of all Oni / Skin Clan forces. Revealed as the Skin Clan Emperor in Wood Sprites. Called the Souless One due to being an Albino. Distilled the essence of a god to create the Naelinsanota, intanyai seyosa , and sekasha castes.

Shankpa Edit

Unclear what caste this is, but there is a seven-foot oni cook who is a shankpa in Lord Tom Tom's retinue. This may be a strictly oni caste or a specific region (and residents of that region) in Onihida.

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