Oilcan is Tinker's cousin and employee in her salvage business. He owns a three bedroom loft and jointly owns a garage halfway between his loft and her home. For the salvage business, he drives the flatbed wrecking truck. He is very intelligent and quiet mannered. He is fluent in both Low and High Elvish. In an attempt to be the antitheses of his father, Oilcan is very soft spoken, holds his anger in firm check, and is careful to never drink to excess.

He took Tinker's transformation fairly well and was only concerned that they were still genetically cousins.

Physical Description Edit

Oilcan's features are very much like his cousin Tinker. Many people have mistaken them for brother and sister. They both have brown hair, brown eyes, and tan olive skin common to descendants of Wood Sprites. He is slender and slightly less than average height for a man.

Family Edit

Oilcan's birth name is Orville John Wright and he was born in Boston. When he was 10 years old, his father, John Wright, was an alcoholic and accidentally killed his mother, Ada Lovelace Dufae. After his father's incarceration on Earth, his grandfather, Timothy Bell (Dufae), brought him to Pittsburg and raised him along side his cousin Tinker. Like Tinker, they are descendants of Unbounded Brilliance, a domana elf from Stone Clan who was stranded on Earth when the natural gates were purposely collapsed. His nearest living elf ancestor on Elfhome is Forge of Stone. He adopted five Stone Clan children.

History Edit

After his mother's death, his grandfather brought Oilcan to Pittsburg to raise him along with Tinker. The first few years were very difficult, and Tinker's openness and understanding helped comfort him. He spent his childhood living in an abandoned four story hotel on Neville Island. In winter around his 16th birthday, Oilcan moved out of the hotel due worries of flood risks. Tinker and Oilcan lived in separate homes, and Oilcan's was a three bedroom condo on Mount Washington. Oilcan and Tinker's grandfather died when Oilcan was 17. They carefully avoided authorities until he was 18 and became Tinker's legal guardian.

He is the team manager for Tinker's hoverbike races and takes over when she is unable to race. He raced in her place while she was in oni captivity.