Nathan Czernowski is a police officer living in Pittsburg. He went on a date with Tinker the night of her transformation and clumsily proposed to her. They were both unaware that Tinker was already married. After her transformation, he attempted to force her to have sex with him, even after she refused.

He was killed by Pony when he attempted to force Tinker into his police cruiser while she was having a mental breakdown after learning that Lain Skenske is her aunt.

Physical Description Edit

Nathan has dark eyes and dark brown hair. He is a large, muscular man with big hands and is much taller than Tinker. Tinker describes him as having a sturdy plainness to him, like a piece of stone.

Family Edit

He is a native of Pittsburg and has many family members who live there. He and his family are Polish Catholic. He has several sisters. One of his sisters, Ginny, who lives in Bethel Park who recently had her second baby named Mercy Anne shortly before Tinker's transformation. When he proposed to Tinker, he suggested that they move into the house across the street from his sister's family (likely Ginny). He also has a cousin named Benny who had been married by the justice of the peace in Pittsburg.

History Edit

Nathan always had a crush on Tinker from when she was very young, but she always saw him as more of an older brother. He was a rookie police officer the day that Tinker confronted the saurus and took her to the hospital after the incident.