Magical TechnologyEdit


Printed paper that carries a usable spell.


A wooden gun ship, described as a helicopter on steroids. Made with a combination of Human and Elven Tech

Gossamer callEdit

A whistle for controlling gossamers with audio and supersonic sound and a magical componant to extend the range.

Hoverbike Edit

A mechanical motorcycle like device that hovers used for transportation and racing.

Hyperphase gate Edit

A device for creating gates between unconnected places or universes.

Magic generator Edit

A device that creates magic from electricity.

Nactka Edit

A magical time capsule. Stops time for objects inside.

Power beads Edit

Beads that store magic to be used to supply magic in low magic inverment.

Spell lock Edit

A container which will open if you pronounce the correct phonemes. All examples so far have been made of iron wood

Spell Stones Edit

A device that allows that transmission to spells to domana at a distance of up to one mei. Spell stone can only be located at very strong fiutanas.

Spell Tattoos Edit

A tattoo that allows the individual to permanently access a spell, mostly on sekasha.

Spell Working Edit

A process by which an organism is changed geneticly. This is considered as of suspect morality.

Spells Edit

Shield Spells Edit

Shield spell defend from attacks. There are various types of shield spells.

Sekasha Shield Edit

Discribed as effective defense of one inch of steel.

Wind Shield Edit

Discribed as effective defense of one foot of steel. Part of the Wind Clan esva.

Flame Shield Edit

Fire Clan equivalen of the Wind Shield

Stone Clan Shield Edit

The Stone Clan esva shield spell. Considered much stronger than the shield spells of Wind and Fire Clans.

Attack Spells Edit

Lightning Strike Edit

The major attack spell of the Wind Clan. Calls a lightning bolt to hit a chosen target.

Flame Strike Edit

The major attack spell of the Fire Clan. Calls a bolt of flame on target.

Force Strike Edit

The major attack spell of the Stone Clan. Calls a beam of force from the spell caster towards the intended target. Considered to be less powerful the flame or lightning strike.

Healing Spells Edit

There are many healing spells. Most are for specific injuries. The most commonly use on Elves just accelerates their natural healing ability. With this spell the patient spend most of their time sleeping and eating.

Scanning Spells Edit

Scanning Spells detect various thing in the range of the scanner.

Life Scan Edit

This allows the scanner to kinds and type of living things in the area.

Magic Scan Edit

Shows a map of the surrounding area with ley lines an fits as showing in blue.

Terrain Scan Edit

Detects the nature of the ground within range. - hard, firm, soft, water, rock.

Other Spells Edit

Taelikiatae or Strikes the Wind Edit

This spell is used to cut down ironwood