Louise Mayer first appears in Wood Sprites. She is sisters with Tinker and was raised on Earth in New York City. She is one of the Chosen of the dragon named Joy.

Family BackgroundEdit

Louise is one of the biological daughters of Leonardo Da'Vinci Dufae and Esme Shenske. Her surrogate parents, the Mayers, illegally acquired her and her sister Jillian from the embryo bank they were stored after the in vitro fertilization that produced Tinker. Like Tinker, she is descended from the Stone Clan domana Unbounded Brilliance. Jillian Mayer is her fraternal twin.

Her surviving family is Alexander Graham "Tinker" Bell, Orville "Oilcan" Wright, Forge of Stone, Jillian Mayer, and four of her unborn siblings (nicknamed Nikola, Chuck, Green Jawbreaker, and Red Jawbreaker). She is the foster child of the dream crow Gracie Wong.

Louise inherited the ability to access the Stone Clan stones and has the powers of an intanyai seyosa. She is one of the Wood Sprites, inheriting from Forge of Stone's mother.


Born April 5, 2023. Louise was one of the multiple embryos created when Timothy Bell sought to make a grandchild. She and her fraternal twin were illegally taken by her surrogate parents as they were unable to have their own children.


Louise was raised with her sister Jillian by the Mayers in New York City on Earth. Growing up, she become shy and distant from others due to bullying when she was young. Unsure of what she wanted to do with her future, Louise would often tag along with Jillian's interests and they would work on making videos together. She has since come out a bit more, and after coming into contact with magic acts as the leader of the twins, using her ability to see the best 'path' to plan.