Jewel Tear is one of the three Stone Clan domana who came to Pittsburg to hunt oni after the Ghostlands were created. In payment for helping Windwolf erradicate oni from Pittsburg, each of the Stone Clan domana was contracted to receive one hundred thousand sen of virgin land outside the city.

Physical Description Edit

Jewel Tear is short for an elf, several inches shorter than her sekasha. She has long dark hair which she wears in intricate braids woven with ribbons and flowers, She prefers elaborate gowns in deep green. She often has one or more spells spheres which may act as a personal climate control or remind those around her of their favorite scents.

According to Stormsong, there is some physical resemblance between Jewel Tear, Otter Dance, and Tinker. This may be due to an ethnic similarity since they are all members or descendants of Stone Clan.

Family Edit

Based on some of her comments, one of her parents may have been Wind Clan, and the other Stone Clan.

History Edit

At court, Jewel Tear fell in love with Windwolf, and they courted for a decade. When he asked her to be his domi, she would not give him a reply and the two drifted apart. He moved his household to the Westernlands and much later he married Tinker, which made Jewel Tear very jealous.

Recently some of her ventures failed and she was forced to give up her holdings. Moving the remainder of her household to Pittsburg was an attempt to recover from her losses.

She has only been able to recruit a vanity hand, meaning they are all just over 100 years old.