Humans Edit

Akavia, Uri David Edit

An EIA employ.

Bell, Timothy (Dufae) Edit

Tinker’s paternal grandfather and foster father. Children are Leonardo DaVinci Dufae and Ada Lovelace Dufae. Deceased.

Briggs, HannahEdit

Human-NSA agent. Attempted to convince Tinker to move to Earth into protective custody

Cohan, Anna Edit

See Desmarais, Anna

Cohen, Jayden Edit

New York police officer

Czernowski, NathanEdit

Friend, Cop

Dumarais, Anna (nee Cohen) Edit

As Anna Cohen, married Neil Shenske and became mother of Esme and Lain. After Neil's death, married Edmond Desmarais(aka Ming) with whom she had sons Lucien and Tristan.

Durham, Jennifer Edit

Receptionist at Reinhold's

Dufae, Leonardo DaVinciEdit

Tinker’s genetic father and son of Timothy Bell (Dufae). Brother of Ada Lovelace Dufae. Deceased. Descendent of elf trapped in France during the 1700's.

Durrack, CorgEdit

NSA agent Attempted to convince Tinker to move to Earth into protective custody.

Dmitri VassilievEdit

Head of TV Station WQED

Emerson, KateEdit

A professional hunter asked to help with the predator problem, when building the railroad between Pittsburgh and the Atlantic Ocean.

Esme ShenkeEdit

Astronaut and Intanyai Seyosa

Esme and Leonardo's children Edit

Tinker, Louise, Jillian, Nikola Tesla, Chuck Norris, Red Jawbreaker, Green Jawbreaker

Geiselman, April Edit

Surrogate mom for Tinker

Green, Kitrine (Aunt Kitty Kennedy) Edit

Frequent babysitter for Louise and Jillian Mayer. Best friend of their mother.

Harmeling, Dr Stefan Edit

Doctor who treats Crow Boy at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital. Other staff at the hospital include Martha and Gerri

Iggy (Ignatius Martin Chen) Edit

Classmate of Jillian and Louise. Plays Captain Hook in the school play.

Johnson, Brian and Helen and their 3 kids, Alleyne, Jayne, and Malcolm Edit

Jillian and Louis pretend to the their kids to board a train to Monroeville

Kensbock, Michael Edit

Scientist who disappears after investigating hyperphase gate

Kryskill, Alton Edit

Jane Kryskill's brother. Makes his living as a forager

Kryskill, Carla Marie (Boo) Edit

Little sister of Jane Kryskill kidnaped by Oni to care for Joey Shoji. Converted to tengu by Kajo

Kryskill, Duff Edit

Jane Kryskill's brother. Works at a bakery

Kryskill, Geoffrey Edit

Jane Kryskill's brother. Makes furnature of iron wood with magic.

Kryskill, Guy Edit

Jane Kryskill's youngest brother. Still in high school.

Kryskill, JaneEdit

Field Producer of Pittsburgh Backyard and Garden.

Kryskill, Marc Edit

Jane Kryskill's brother. Is a Pittsburgh city police officer

Mayer, Jillian EloiseEdit

Sister of Tinker. Creator of Lemon Lime JEl Lo Videos. Heroine of Wood Sprites,

Mayer, George Edit

Parent (non-genetic) of Louise and Jillian

Mayer Louise Georgina Edit

Sister of Tinker. Creators of the Lemon-Lime JEl-Lo videos. Heroine of Wood Sprites

Mayer, Mackenzie (nee Johnson))' Edit

Parent (non-genetic) surrogate mother of Louise and Jillian)

Maynard, DerekEdit

Head of Earth Interdimensional Agency (EIA) in Pittsburgh. Selected by Windwolf from human security detail during early meetings for his willingness to make peace and intellegence.

McMicking, Ellen Edit

Cousin of April Geiselman. Own a mobile lunch business. Has a pet bobcat named Rigel.

Munroe, Lawry (Law) Edit

Forager, saves Bare Snow and hence indirectly also Windwolf. Rescues girls in danger.

Noble, Rob Edit

Works for Flights of New York. Teaches Perelman students how to use flying harnesses for their production of Peter Pan.

Oilcan (Orville John Wright)Edit

Tinker’s cousin and wrecking yard partner. Son of Ada Lovelace Dufae and John Wright.

Olivia (Olive Branch Above Stone) Edit

Forest Moss's human domi.

Perelman School pupils Edit

Ava, Carlos, Claudia, Darius, Elle Pondwater, Giselle, Iggy Chen, Jillian, Louise, Nina, Reed, Renata, Zahara, Tristan (end of school year only)

Perelman School teachers Edit

Mr Bill Howe (5th grade), Miss Hamilton (5th grade), Miss Gray (art), Miss Jenkins (library), Mr Kevin Kessler (computers), Mr Nakagawa (math), Mr Newton (French), Principal Wiley

Petterson, Torbjorn Edit

Scientist who disappears after investigating hyperphase gate

Pinder, Nicole Edit

Crew member of the Ahne Huo

Reid, NigelEdit

Naturalist and TV Host of "Chased by Monsters" in Pittsburgh Backyard and Garden.


An employee at Edie's Entertainment.


Team Tinker Hoverbike Pit Crew & Business Manager. His family handles most of the garbage collection in Pittsburgh.

Roach, BillEdit

Jane Kryskill's uncle.

Roach, SeanEdit

Radio host of KDKA.

Rogers, HalEdit

TV Host of Pittsburgh Backyard and Garden.

Roycroft, Vance Edit

Member of Earth for Humans, terrorist bomber.

Runkle, Laura Edit

Receptionist at George Mayer's office. She is scared of snakes.

Shenske, EsmeEdit

Tinker’s mother (genetically) Of Elven descent, according to the dragon Providence. Has the morals of a snake, according to Stormsong. Sister to Lain Shenske, and daughter of the "Evil Empire"

Skenske, LainEdit

Tinker’'s Aunt. Xenobiologist. Crippled in a shuttle accident just before scheduled to depart for Europa on a scientific mission.

Shenske, Neil Edit

Astronaut and host of a science television series. Esme and Lain's father with wife Anna Cohan

Taggart, KeaweaheuluEdit

Former war correspondent and cameraman of "Chased by Monsters" in Pittsburgh Backyard and Garden.

Tinker (Alexander Graham Bell)Edit

Main character in Elfhome series. Born 2013. Starts out running a scrap yard with her cousin Oilcan. Wife(domi) of Wolf Who Rules Wind. Originally was 1/8 elf on her father's side from Stone Clan, unknown percentage of elf from her mother's side (Esme Shenske). Transformed to full domana elf by Wolf Who Rules using his own genes as key. Thus has the genetic capability (presumably) to tap the Stone Clan, Fire Clan and Wind Clan spell stones.

Shipman, Marcus Edit

Scientist who disappeared after investigating hyperphase gate

Sutterland, Lisa Edit

Scientist who was killed after investigating hyperphase gate

Russell, Harry Edit

Scientist who disappears (into a fish) after investigating hyperphase gate

Usagi Edit

Runs a safe haven for human women who have illegally emigrated to Elfhome. Mother of half-elves Moon Rabbit Warrior and Shield of a Thousand Leaves.

Widget Edit

African American teenager, fled to Elfhome and saved by Law. Computer whiz. Lives at Usagi's.

Wright, Ada Lovelace (née Dufae)Edit

Wife of John Wright and mother of Oilcan (Orville John Wright). Tinker’s aunt, sister of Leonardo Dufae and daughter of Timothy Bell (Dufae). Taught Oilcan the Stone Clan esva (spell hand signs) when he was a child. Beaten to death by her husband while he was drunk.

Wright, John Edit

Oilcan's father. He is in prison for killing Ada.

Wyatt, Charles Edit

Grad student at University of Pittsburgh, makes amateur documentary film about hoverbikes