Hoverbike Racing

Hoverbikes are uniquely Elfhome. After football died out and hoverbikes were invented, a new sport arose: hoverbike racing. This is a popular activity with several teams.


Hoverbikes were invented by Tinker. Her and her friend got some beat up motorcycles that didn’t have any tires. On Elfhome, tires are at a premium because they are only made on Earth. She used magic circuits to make the bikes fly. They are limited in how high they will fly and some maneuverability. Tinker owns the patent on all hoverbikes because she is the only one who understands how they work. A company builds them in Pittsburgh, but they do not understand what makes them work. However, some teams do modify basic bikes to go faster in the races.


The Racing stadium is owned by the half-oni Tommy Chang. They run the betting ring on the games also. There are a lot of products sold around the games to. These products include shirts, and posters. There are a number of teams that compete in the races, but the two main ones are Team Tinker and Team Big Sky.


Team TinkerEdit

Rider: Tinker or Oilcan
Mechanic: Tinker
Mechanic & Pit Crew: Oilcan
Business Manager & Pit Crew: Roach
Pit Crew: Andy
Team Spotters: Abbey Rhode and Gin Blossom

Team Big SkyEdit

Rider: Blue Sky Montana
Captain: John Montana

Team ProvidenceEdit

This is a tengu team that tried to kill Blue Sky and Oilcan in the races to win. They also cheated on the bets by knocking out the phone and betting right under the max. They led to the tengu being band from the sport for a while. They are all dead; one was killed by the half-oni, and the rest executed by the tengu.

Team BanzaiEdit

A team mentioned in passing.

Team EhEdit

A team mentioned in passing.

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