Skin Clan. Called the Souless One due to being an Albino. Emperor of the Skin Clan. Distilled the essence of a god to create the Naelinsanota, intanyai seyosa , and sekasha castes. Revealed as Kajo (Yutakajodo) in Wood Sprites. Leader of all the Oni / Skin Clan forces in the Elfhome series.
=== Ming the Merciless (aka Edmond Desmarais) ===

Head of Evil Empire. Father of Yves (aka Crown Prince Kiss Butt). With Anna Desmarais, father of Lucien and Tristan. Unknown relationship to Tristan's human half sisters ("inbreeds") Adele, Bethany, Chloe, Danni, and Felicie .


An albino.


Husband to Anna Dumarais. Father to Yves, Tristan and Lucien Desmarais.