Forest Moss is one of the three Stone Clan domana who came to Pittsburg to hunt oni after the Ghostlands were created. He has been actively but unsuccessfully attempting to recruit a household. In payment for helping Windwolf erradicate oni from Pittsburg, each of the Stone Clan domana was contracted to receive one hundred thousand sen of virgin land outside the city. He requested Pony as part of his payment, but the sekasha intervened.

Personal Appearance Edit

Forest Moss has the compact build and dusky skin tone common to Stone Clan and long pure white hair. As a result of his time in Onihida, he was permanently maimed and lost his left eye, but the psychological trauma was far more extensive. Scars radiate around the empty eye socket and the eyelid is sewn shut. His remaining eye is brown. His manners are sometimes smooth and almost normal. Other times he is erratic and clearly mentally unwell.

History Edit

Forest Moss had many interactions with humans in his travels between Elfhome and Earth via the natural gates.

In about the Earth year 1780, a new passage was discovered between Earth and another world that was not Elfhome. An explorer group of twenty domana and sekasha were sent through and discovered that it led to Onihida. Forest Moss was one of the domana on this expedition and only he and the sekasha Silver Vein, who did not look to him, survived to escape the oni and return to Elfhome. He has mentioned two of his companions, the domana Blossom Spring and her First, Granite, neither of which survived. Due to discovery of this passage, this and all known passages between Earth and Elfhome were purposely collapsed.

Before going to Onihida he had only a vanity Hand, meaning they were all just over 100 years old, but all of his sekasha were lost. He has not succeeded in replacing his sekasha. At times he expresses fear that one of them would consider him unfit to be domana and kill him. Other times he says that the sekasha simply do not consider him capable of protecting them in turn.