Flame Heart is Windwolf's mother and loves children.

Family Edit

Flame Heart is the younger daughter of Ashfall, the first elvin king and head of the Fire Clan. Ashfall had two sons prior to Flame Heart, Halo Dust, whose children are Soulful Ember and True Flame. Ashfall's second son married Diamond, who is now the leader of Stone Clan, and their only child was Earth Son. This means that Queen Soulful Ember is Flame Heart's niece and Prince True Flame and Earth Son are her nephews. When Flame Heart married Longwind, who is now the head of Wind Clan, they created an alliance between the Fire Clan and Wind Clan. Together they have ten children, including Windwolf. She is also Tinker's mother-in-law. Half of her children can use the Fire Clan esva and pledged to the Fire Clan. The other half of them can use the Wind Clan esva and pledged to the Wind Clan. Windwolf is the only member of his family that is able to use both Fire Clan and Wind Clan esva.

History Edit

Ashfall used his two younger children to ally the strongest clans to the crown via marriage. The relationship between the Wind Clan and the royal family has remained strong for thousands of years.

It is not clear whether she changed her allegiance to Wind Clan after she married Longwind.