Fire Clan is one of the four primary Elvin clans. The other primary clans are Stone, Wind, and Water. The Fire Clan holds the kingship of elves, therefore the clan head of Fire Clan is also the elvin king or queen.

During an aumani, a formal meeting of clans, the Fire Clan is symbolized by a lit candle and and the color blood red which may appear in part of the table setting, such as roses.

Sekasha of the Fire Clan are known for their hot tempers and bad luck. They tend to lose when gambling in large cities. Fire Clan sekasha have shield tattoos in graded hues of blood red shifting through orange to yellow. Their wyvern armor is dark red. Sekasha held by the royal family are known as Wyverns, which have a strikingly similar physical appearance to each other.

It is common for members of the Fire Clan to have pale blonde hair, radiant white skin, vivid blue eyes, and be rather tall. Fire Clan magic is heavily offensive and uses fire in many attacks.

The current head of Fire Clan and elvin queen is Soulful Ember. Her brother, Prince General True Flame is the clan head in the Westernlands while he is Pittsburg in her absence.

Fire Clan was founded by the first elvin king, Ashfall. When Ashfall was assassinated, his eldest son, Halo Dust succeeded him as elvin king and Fire Clan head. When Halo Dust was in turn assassinated, his eldest child, Soulful Ember succeeded him as elvin queen and Fire Clan head.

Ashfall used his two younger children to ally the strongest clans to the crown by marriage. The second son married Diamond, who is the current head of Stone Clan and this union resulted in a single child, Earth Son. The Stone Clan misunderstood the nature of the alliance and considered it a failure. The current head of Wind Clan, Longwind is married to Flame Heart, Ashfall's third child and only daughter. Longwind and Flame Heart together have ten children including Windwolf, half of which are in Wind Clan, and the other half are in Fire Clan. The relationship between Wind Clan and the throne is seen by both Wind and Fire Clans to be a resounding success and has remained strong for thousands of years.

Notable members of the Fire Clan include:

Soulful Ember - Domana, Clan Head and Queen of the Elves

True Flame - Domana, Prince General, Clan Head in the Westernlands and brother of Soulful Ember

Pure Radiance - Intanyai Seyosa, Royal Seer, Stormsong's mother

Red Knife - Sekasha, True Flame's First

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