Esme is Lain Skenske's younger sister and Tinker's mother. She was one of the original colonists through the gate and was lost in an accident at first Startup. Tinker had dreams about her as the White Queen from Alice in Wonderland after the gate was destroyed, stranding Pittsburg on Elfhome. Tinker did not yet know that Esme was her mother.

Physical Description Edit

She has short purple hair and brown eyes. Lain and Esme do not look very much alike. Like Tinker, she is brilliantly intelligent, but is also often selfish and irresponsible. In part due to her visions, she sometimes behaves in ways that seem erratic to those around her. She has the intanyai seyosa ability to see prophetic dreams and communicate with others with the dreaming ability. Her ability is quite strong, but untrained, and it is most reliable when she is in the presence of magic, such as on Elfhome.

Family Edit

Esme is Lain's younger sister. Timothy Bell had Tinker created from Esme's ovum and his son, Leonardo DaVinci Dufae's sperm, though it is unlikely that Esme and Leonardo ever physically met. The dragon Providence has revealed that Esme and Lain are descendants of an Intanyai Seyosa, a caste of elves that has visions of possible futures. Lain and Esme father was the astronaut Neil Shenske. Their mother, Anna Cohen, remarried after his death. Their stepfather, Edmond Desmarais, was a particularly old elf. Lain and Esme have two half brothers, Lucien Desmarais and Tristan Desmarais. After Tinker was born, Lain concealed that she was Tinker's aunt.

She privately called her step-father Ming the Merciless, her step brother Crown Prince Kiss Butt, and her half brothers Flying Monkeys Four and Five.

History Edit

Esme loved Wizard of Oz and would make her family watch it every year after Thanksgiving. She would say that if she was Dorothy then she would have stayed in Oz, which made her mother cry and gave Lain nightmares. Since Tooloo has also mentioned being forced to watch the movie yearly for thirty years, this implies that Tooloo lived in their home when they were growing up.

Esme was one of the original colonists through the gate and was lost in an accident at first Startup.