Stone Clan. Wife of Forge, Mother of Unbounded Brilliance. Killed by her brother Iron Mace.

Andre Brousseau Edit

Human name of an ancient bad elf, enemy of Windwolf.


Fire Clan Laedin Class warrior mentioned in Peace Offering


First Elven King. Fire Clan. Father of Flame Heart, Halo Dust, and Earth Son's father. Grandfather of Windwolf (Wind Clan), Soulful Ember and True Flame (Fire Clan), and Earth Son (Stone Clan).

Baby DuckEdit

Naelinsanota caste child rescued by Oilcan. Born Stone Clan later switched to Wind Clan.

Bare Snow (Ground Bare in Winter as Killing Snow Falls in Wind) Edit

Mother was a Wind Clan assassin, father was Water Clan. Is a trained assassin herself. Came to Pittsburgh as an elf teenager and was instrumental in saving Windwolf from assassination.


One of Windwolf’s sekasha . Attempted to join Tinker's First Hand, claiming that Pony was too young and Stormsong was a mutt.


Fire Clan Laedin Class warrior mentioned in Elfhome and Peace Offering.

Boar Bristle of the Eastern SteppesEdit

Elven King. Skin Clan. Father of Quick Blade. Great-great grandfather to Windwolf.

Briar Rose on WindEdit

Wind Clan musician partner to Moser.

Bright Melody of FireEdit

Fire Clan musician who Merry studied under.

Cattail ReedsEdit

Naelinsanota caste child rescued by Oilcan.Born Stone Clan later switched to Wind Clan.

Cana Lily Edit

Stone Clan domana

Celine Edit

Housekeeper for Ming's mansion.

Chiming of Metal in Wind (Windchime)Edit

Wind Clan musician who knew Tinker and traveled back to the East Lands.


Member of Tinker’s first Hand

Clove Scented Smoke Edit

An apothecary beholden to the Wind clan head.

Crystal Vein of StoneEdit

Stone Clan House Head in the Eastern Land. Mentioned in Elfhome. Merry was a former beholden.


Heads laundry crew at an enclave

Dark Harvest Edit

Wind Clan sekasha to Windwolf. Second of his First Hand. Appeared in the novella, Chased By Monsters.

Dark ScytheEdit

Stone Clan sekasha. Forge’s First

Darkness Edit

Stone Clan domana


Fire Clan Laedin Class warrior mentioned in Peace Offering

Demarias, Edmond Edit

See Ming.

Demarais, TristanEdit

Half brother to Esme, Lain, Yves and son of Edmond and Anna

Desmarais, Yves (aka Crown Prince Kiss Butt) Edit

aka Okami Shiroikage, the Unmaker, evil son of Edmond Desmarais


Head of the Stone Clan. Earth Son's mother.

Dovetail (aka Cosette) Edit

Worker (house maintenance) in Ming's mansion

Dufae Edit

Last name of line of elves begun by Unbounded Brilliance (aka Guillaume Dufae) in the 1700s leading to Tinker in the 2000s. See individual names for more details.

Earth SonEdit

Stone Clan domana representative sent to Pittsburgh. Grandson of Ashfall. Cousin to True Flame and Windwolf. Executed by his sekasha First, Thorne Scratch, for cowardice and immorality.

Echoing of Merriment in Stone (Merry)Edit

Naelinsanota caste Elf child rescued by Oilcan

Etienne DufaeEdit

Half Elf Son of Unbounded Brilliance (aka Guillaume Dufae). Was a watchmaker and jeweler, killed by jewel thieves. Father of Roland and Josephina. Roland, who died in the Johnstown Flood, was father of Adrien who in turn was father of Timothy Dufae (aka Timothy Bell) who was father of Leonardo who was father of Tinker.

Fields of BarleyEdit

Naelinsanota caste Elf child rescued by Oilcan

Flame HeartEdit

Windwolf's mother. Daugher of Ashfall. Fire Clan.

Floss FlowerEdit

Wind Clan weaver charged with opening doors at Moser's compound.

Forest Moss on StoneEdit

Eldest Stone Clan domana representative sent to Pittsburgh and of questionable sanity. His insanity is a result of his imprisonment and torture at the hands of the Oni. He is one of two members from an exploration party to Onihida that survived and returned to Elfhome. His insanity might not be as deep as it appears or possibly only worsens when he is stressed.

Forge of StoneEdit

Stone Clan domana, who is the husband of Amaranth, father of Unbounded Brilliance and ancestor to Tinker and Oilcan. Wood Sprite caste. Holds 2 sekasha Hands, one his and the other his wife's orphaned First. An architect, trained in the time of the Pharaohs. Noted for building and defensive skills. Rich, but not a Stone Clan leader, owing to his willingness to work for the Fire Clan in order to design and build royal fortifications.

Ginger WineEdit

Ginger Wine is Wind Clan beholden to Windwolf. She runs a small enclave. This is the enclave that housed the Stone Clan and was later burned down.

Guillaume Dufae (see Unbounded Brilliance) Edit

Halo DustEdit

Second Elven King. Son of Ashfall. Father to Soulful Ember and True Flame. Flame Heart's brother.

Hawk ScreamEdit

Wind Clan sekasha killed protecting Windwolf from Foo Dogs.

Heaven's BlessingEdit

Skin Clan. Called the Souless One due to being an Albino. Emperor of the Skin Clan. Distilled the essence of a god to create the Naelinsanota, intanyai seyosa , and sekasha castes. Revealed as Kajo (Yutakajodo) in Wood sprites. Leader of all the Oni / Skin Clan forces in the Elfhome series.
Ming the Merciless (aka Edmond Desmarais)

Head of Evil Empire. Father of Yves (aka Crown Prince Kiss Butt). With Anna Desmarais, father of Lucien and Tristan. Unknown relationship to Tristan's human half sisters ("inbreeds") Adele, Bethany, Chloe, Danni, and Felicie.


Son of Quick Blade. Windwolf's grandfather. First Head of the Wind clan. Assassinated.

Iron Mace Against StoneEdit

Stone Clan. Elder brother of Amaranth. Murdered Amaranth and secretly tried to kill Oilcan. Fought and was killed by Oilcan in battle. Was working with Kajo, a greater blood leader from Onihida.

Jewel Tears on StoneEdit

Stone Clan domana representative sent to Pittsburgh; present only because she had all but lost clan sponsorship, due to bad ‘investments’. Formerly Windwolf's fiancé. She was kidnapped by the Oni and her sekasha Hand murdered. Tommy Chang, a half-Oni, rescued her from the Oni.


Head of Poppymeadow enclave and Windwolf’s major domo. Lived through thousdands of years of Skin Clan rule. Her older half-brother was drowned instead of Quick Blade.

Lightning StrikeEdit

Wind Clan sekasha to Windwolf. Was killed in Pittsburgh, while protecting Windwolf from a Saurus. Father of half-elf, Blue Sky.

Little EgretEdit

Member of Tinker’s first Hand


Son of Howling. Windwolf's father. Head of the Wind Clan.

Ming the Merciless (aka Edmond Demarais) Edit

Head of Evil Empire. Father of Yves (aka Prince Kiss Butt). With Anna Desmarais, father of Lucien and Tristan. Unknown relationship to Tristan's human half sisters ("inbreeds") Adele, Bethany, Chloe, Danni, and Felicie.

Montana, Blue SkyEdit

Half-elf son of sekasha Lightning Strike, brother to John Montana, friend of Tinker. One year younger but because is half sekasha is emotionally and physically equivalent to ten year old human.

Moon Rabbit Warrior Edit

Half-elf daughter of Usagi. A tween, but looks six.

Nattie Edit

Cook for Ming's mansion.

Oilcan (Orville John Wright)Edit

Tinker’s cousin and wrecking yard partner. Forge of Stone's distant grandson. 1/8th elf, but later is spell-worked to a full domana elf. Wood Sprite caste. Adopts five orphaned Stone Clan elf children. Born Stone Clan, transferred loyalty to Wind Clan.

Otter DanceEdit

Sekasha Pony's mother, who was a mixed Stone and Wind Clan sekasha. Her father was Tempered Steel.


Sekasha Pony's ancestor.

Pony (Galloping Storm Horse On Wind) Edit

Tinker's sekasha "First." He is in charge of the rest of her Hand. Considered fairly young to be a sekasha First, just out of his doubles. He is very close to Tinker and Windwolf (who calls him "Little Horse"). Born March 1931

Pure RadianceEdit

A intanyai seyosa elf and the Queen's Oracle. Stormsong's mother.

Quick BladeEdit

Bastard son of King Boar Bristle of the Eastern Steppes (Skin Clan). Started the rebellion against Boar Bristle. Father of Howling, great grandfather of Windwolf.


sekasha member of Tinker's first Hand.

Red KnifeEdit

Prince True Flame's sekasha First.

Rustle of LeavesEdit

Naelinsanota caste Elf child rescued by Oilcan

Shield of a Thousand Leaves Edit

Half-elf son of Usagi. Still a toddler.

Silver VeinEdit

Stone Clan sekasha that survived Oni capture with Forest Moss, but was not beholden to Forest Moss.


Sekasha male mentioned in Tinker.

Soothing Breeze of WindEdit

Sama of the Hospice Healers household

Soulful EmberEdit

Queen of the Elves. Head of the Fire Clan. Daughter of Halo Dust and granddaughter of Ashfall. True Flame's Sister. Windwolf's aunt.

Sparrow Lifted By WindEdit

Windwolf’s Husepavua. who betrayed him by working with the Oni/Skin Clan.

Stormsong (Singing Storm Wind)Edit

Tinker’s sekasha "Second" to make up her Hand. Daughter of Pure Radiance and the Queen's sekasha First. Like her mother, she has some ability as an intanyai seyosa, but chose to become a sekasha warrior instead. She is interested in all things human and dyed her hair blue. Windwolf calls her "Discord".

Sun LanceEdit

Sekasha mentioned in books, Tinker and Wolf Who Rules

Sunder Edit

Stone Clan domana sent to fight Oni. Probably a harbringer

Sword Strike Edit

Queen Soulful Ember's first. Father to Stormsong.

Tempered SteelEdit

Sekasha Pony's grandfather, Otter Dance's father

Thorne ScratchEdit

Earth Son’s sekasha ‘First’, who kills him upon evidence of his betrayal and loss of honor. She later forms a relationship with Oilcan and becomes his sekasha "First" once he becomes full elf.

Tiger EyeEdit

Sekasha First to Stone Clan domana, Jewel Tear. Murdered by Oni.

Beloved Tinker of Wind (Alexander Graham Bell)'Edit

Main character in Elfhome series. Starts out running a scrap yard with her cousin Oilcan. She is the daughter of Esme Shenske, distant grandaughter to elf, Forge of Stone and wife of elf, Wolf Who Rules the Wind. Originally was 1/8th elf, but is spell-worked by Windwolf into a full domana elf. Because she had Stone Clan genes, then was spell-worked by Windwolf who had both Wind Clan and Fire Clan genes, she can access three different sets of spell stones.


Half elf (alleged) that lives in Pittsburgh and runs a general store. Thought to be half crazy. Survived through the non-magic centuries on Earth by storing dragon bones in her home.

Tornado Edit

Proud elf warlord. He was tricked into hiring a team of Wind Clan assassins to kill Howling.

True FlameEdit

Prince General of the Fire Clan, Windwolf’s cousin. Son of Halo Dust.

Unbounded Brilliance (aka Guillaume Dufae)Edit

Elf founder of Dufae family in 1700s. Son of Forge and Amaranth. Stone Clan. Domana Wood Sprite. Founder of the Dufae line that leads to Tinker. Father of Etienne Dufae. Was physician to French nobility. Beheaded during the French Revolution.

War AxeEdit

Skin Clan. King of the elves. Great-great-great grandfather to Windwolf. Father of Boar Bristles of the Eastern Steppes. Killed by second son, Boar Bristle of the Eastern Steppes.

Windwolf (Wolf Who Rules Wind)Edit

Viceroy of Westernlands (North America) and head of Wind Clan in N.A. Tinker's husband. His father is head of Wind Clan, his mother younger daughter of Ashfall(deceased), Fire Clan chosen as first elf king. Can (supposedly) access both sets of clan spell-stones.

Wraith ArrowEdit

Sekasha ‘First’ of Windwolf’s Hands

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