The elves of Elfhome appear to have one religion across clan lines. This religion is polytheistic.


Shrines are placed on ley lines, patterns of increased magical force. These shrines are also at faires. A person worships by clapping to get a god's attention and bows to the shrine. Then they place silver money in the hands of the god.

The Cup of Tears ceremony is done at the altar of Nheoya. Elves believe that memories don't last forever so a time should be set aside to remember the important ones, this ceremony does this. An elf lights a candle, claps and gives money. After becoming calm, the elf drinks the cup of tears, which is warm salt water. They remember the bad memories in their life and the lessons they learned from them.The cup of joys, which is honeyed tea is then sipped. The elf remembers all the good memories and the lessons learned from them.

Elves believe that the dead must be quickly cremated or the elf spirit will become a ghost and trapped in the decaying body, a horrible state. To not do so, is considered one of the most terrible fates possible.

Known GodsEdit


God of Chaos and plenty


Goddess of Life and Harvest. Gives gifts of blessings and roasted keva beans.


God of Longevity


Unknown God

Goddess of WarEdit

Name has not been given yet. Rides a storm horse and is followed by storm furies singing her glory.

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