Elfhome has many plants that rely on magic for their unusual properties. There is a large number of plants that are deadly or predatory in the Pittsburg region.

Black Willow Edit

A tree that is able to move on feet called root legs, and they shake the ground when they move. Some of it's branches are called tangle arms and are used to ensnare smaller creatures. It requires magic, otherwise it is immobile. Seedlings are also nonambulatory. The seeds are small reddish-brown capsules filled with hairy green seeds that wiggle like worms and require much less magic for animation. It is believed to have evolved through gradual mutation rather than bioengineered.

Bloodied lace Edit

A dangerous plant not discribed in books.

Death Crown Edit

A dangerous plant not discribed in books.

Elfhome beech Edit

An anchor plant for strangle vine.

Elfhome maple Edit

An anchor plant for strangle vine.

Esfatiki Edit

A common plant, no description.

Ironwood Edit

A tree with a very hard wood that can be sharpened to a metal-like edge. It is often used to make blades on Elfhome, which prevents unfortunate interactions between metal and magic. The bark of a sapling is soft enough to be scored with an ironwood blade. Some ironwood trees are as tall as Earth sequoias.

Jagger Bush Edit

Not a specific kind of plant, but the word Pittburgers use to mean any thorny shrub.

Keva Edit

A nutritious bean related to soy. Keva is used in most Elven celebrations.

Laleafrin Edit

A kind of flower

Nota inesta Edit

A plant that produces a berry called fire berry, eatable and spicy hot.

Saenori Edit

A peach like fruit

Saijin Edit

A flowering plant with anesthetic properties. It is administered by smelling a flower, which causes the person to drift into a deep sleep, allowing for complicated healing spells and even surgery. The smell is reminiscent of warm, lazy, sunny summer days.

Silver ash Edit

An anchor plant for strangle vine.

Strangle Vine Edit

A carnivorous plant that a attaches to and mimics the leaves of anchor trees. Anchor trees are Elfhome Beech, Elfhone Maple, Silver Ash, and root bound Black Willow. It can anchor to Earth trees, but can not mimic their leaves.

Tulilium Edit

A kind of flower

Wind oak Edit

An anchor plant for strangle vine

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