Native to Ryuu. Able to cast spells with their manes. Come in two major classes. The four toed dragon - generally dangerous. The five toed (imperial) dragon. - benign if they significant magic is present. They may choose a people.


Native to Elfhome. Created by the Skin Clan. In the past have fought war between clans. At present are at peace with a unified government. Life expectancy is indefinitely large. Elfhome have magic and Elves have a advanced magic using technology.


Half-Oni are the product of the mating between Humans and Oni. Elves consider them acceptable because they have empathy.


Humans are native to Earth. Discovered Elfhome with the building of the hyper phase gate. The United Nations has a treaty with the Elves granting Human limited rights on Elfhome.


Oni's are native to Onihida. They apearantly have no empathy. Onihida is greatly overpopulated. They are attempting to take over Elfhome.


This is a human-bird race that now lives entirely on Elfhome. They have three toes foreward and one back and lay eggs., Jin Wong is the Voice of the tengu because he has the mark of Providence and he has been trained to understand the dragon language. As a race, they are beholden to Tinker through Jin Wong.

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