Earth Son came to Aum Renau with Queen Soulful Ember's entourage shortly after Tinker's transformation to discuss the incursion of Oni. He had at least two sekasha with him.

Earth Son was one of the three Stone Clan domana who came to Pittsburg to hunt oni after the Ghostlands were created. In payment for helping Windwolf erradicate oni from Pittsburg, each of the Stone Clan domana was contracted to receive one hundred thousand sen of virgin land outside the city.

His First is a female sekasha, Thorne Scratch.

Physical Description Edit

Earth Son was taller and more slender than Windwolf. He resembles his father in height, eyes and temper.

Family Edit

Earth Son was the only child of the second son of the first elvin King, Ashfall. Ashfall's first son was Halo Dust who had two children, Soulful Ember and True Flame. Ashfall's third child, a daughter, is Flame Heart who married Longwind, who is now the leader of Wind Clan, and together they had ten children, including Windwolf. This makes Queen Soulful Ember, Prince True Flame, and Windwolf (and Tinker by marriage) all Earth Son's cousins. However, he never considered his cousins to be any more than strangers. Earth Son's mother is Diamond, who is the head of the Stone Clan. Although he was a descendant of a Fire Clan and a Stone Clan domana, he was only able to use the Stone Clan esva.

History Edit

He became very bitter of Windwolf when he saw the younger elf under his older siblings' protection at court.