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The skin clan used Brilliance genetic material to found the wood sprite line.

Clarity Edit

he skin clan used Clarity to found the Intangible Seyosa caste.


An Imperial Dragon who helps Tinker and Oilcan in books 2 and 3 of the Elfhome series. He communicates to Tinker and Oilcan through pictures, models and the tengu, who speak dragon.


The skin clan used Honor to found the sekasha caste.


Oni Dragon. Killed on by Tinker on Elfhome.


An Imperial Dragon (from Ryuu) revered by the tengu. Killed on Onihida by tengu at great cost to protect it from Oni Greater Bloods (Skin Clan).


An Imperial Dragon, child of Providence, who is freed by Jillian and Louise in book 4 (Wood Sprites) of the Elfhome series. She takes Tinker's sisters as her chosen and implants the remaining unborn siblings in Gracie Wong.

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